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20.01.2017 - 15:13:45

preliminary time schedule (as of 20.01.2017)

Here you can find the preliminary time schedule as of 20.01.2017.
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20.01.2017 - 15:08:32

preliminary entry list (as of 20.01.2017)

Here you can find the preliminary entry list as of 20.01.2017.
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17.01.2017 - 07:00:10

The Iron Lady to start again at Euro Meet

She’s nicknamed « Iron Lady » for she enters almost every event at the meets. Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu is known for her multiple starts during a same session, this is her signature. On her way to the Olympic Games in Rio, she swam at The Coque during the 2016 Euro Meet, winning ten medals.

Katinka had so far all kind of medals in her huge collection, but last year one category was still missing : an Olympic medal. Her season kicked off in Luxembourg. Lucky sign ?  Eventually the dream became reality, with a tally of three Olympic victories at the 100m backstroke, and at her pet events the 200m and 400m individual medley, the latter in a world record time. Next to these three gold medals, she added a silver at the 200m backstroke.

This was the summit of a thrilling 2016 season which saw her win four golds and one silver in London, at the European Championships two months before the Rio Olympics.

And right after the Games, she entered the FINA/Airweave Swimming World Cup and won clearly the overall ranking for the fifth time in a row. To finish the year in a proper manner when one is the Iron Lady, a participation at the short course Swimming World Championships was an obvious must. In Windsor, with seven gold medals and two silver, her collection went up to a grand total of major international medals as high as 73, amongst them 44 in gold.

In July 2017, Katinka Hosszu will have the difficult task to bear on her shoulders the weight of the hopes of a whole nation, as the World Championships will be staged in her home city Budapest. Both Laszlo Cseh and herself know that they have to take early long course season starts, so their attendance at the Euro Meet is a full part of the build-up towards more successes in front of their home crowd.

05.01.2017 - 14:09:47

New Year suprise with Olympic Champion Sarah Sjöström

European, World and Olympic Champion Sarah Sjöström, from Sweden, is due to attend the Euro Meet for the first time. At the Rio Olympic Games, Sjöström won the 100m butterfly one second ahead of Canada’s Penny Oleksiak 100m freestyle Olympic Champion. The bronze medal went to USA’s Dana Vollmer, 2012 Olympic Champion of the same event.

In Rio, a few days later, Oleksiak took her revenge at the 100m freestyle, sharing gold with USA’s Simone Manuel, with Sarah Sjöström earning the bronze medal. In between both events, Sjöström finished second to Katie Ledecky at the 200m freestyle. Besides these three olympic medals, one of each, she was semi-finalist  at the 50m freestyle and twice fifth with the Swedish team at the 4x100m and 4x200m freestyle.

Sarah Sjöström, who swims for the club of Södertörn, made her first international appearance at the European Swimming Championships 2008 in Eindhoven. Without prior notice, she won her first 100m butterfly title, followed by many other successes, both in freestyle and butterfly. Her tally amounts to 47 international medals earned at major championships : 15 long course gold medals (one Olympic, four World, ten Europe), 10 silver and 4 bronze, as well as 18 short course medals.

She did not attend the recent short course swimming world championships in Windsor, Canada. The focus is on her long course season, with the highlight of the Swimming World Championships in Budapest on 23-30 July 2017, where she has to defend her title of the 100m butterfly and make it three-in-a-row after 2013 and 2015.

The Euro Meet will be the perfect occasion to start the 2017 campaign !

22.12.2016 - 09:50:28

Christmas gift : Olympic Champion Adam PEATY to attend Euro Meet

The organisers of the 2017 Euro Meet have the great pleasure to announce an unexpected Christmas gift : Great Britain’s Olympic, World and European breaststroke champion Adam Peaty will attend the event.

Within a couple of years, Peaty climbed all levels a the speed of world records : Commonwealth and European Champion in 2014, then World Champion in 2015 and eventually Olympic Champion in 2016.

He made his first international apprearance at the famous Mare Nostrum tour in June 2014, and became Commonweath champion of the 100m breaststroke the following month in Glasgow, ending the season with a double gold 50/100m breaststroke at the European championships in Berlin.

One year later in Kazan, he twice ruled the world, following his world record of the 100m breastsroke achieved at the British national championships in 57.92.

The ultimate win came this past summer in Rio : he became the first British male swimmer to win Olympic gold in 28 years. The former champion was Adrian Moorhouse, in Seoul in 1988, by coincidence over the same race, 100m breaststroke. Peaty broke twice his own world record : 57.35 dring the heats, and 57.13 during the final.

With Marco Koch at the Euro Meet, the breaststroke races will definetely be of world level.

12.12.2016 - 18:27:14

A third World Champion at the Euro Meet : Marco KOCH

Following the entries of World Champions Lazslo Cseh (Hungary) and Camille Lacourt (France) at the Euro Meet 2017, it is now the German Marco Koch, one of the kings of the 200m breaststroke,  who confirmed his participation. Koch is well known in Luxermbourg, as he won both 100m and 200m breaststroke four times in a row, from 2013 to 2016. He is also the Euro Meet record holder of these events.

After his 2015 World and 2014 European titles at the 200m breaststroke, Marco Koch was one of the favourites at the Rio Olympic Games. The top seven finalists touched the wall within half a second, a very unsusual and tight result for a race lasting more than two minutes ! On that day, the chance was not on Marco Koch’s side, for he could not clinch a medal.

He entered thereafter the FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup (25m pool) and won eight 200m breaststroke finals in a row, and eventually broke the short course world record at the German Nationals in 2:00.44 in November in Berlin.Last week, during the short course World Swimming Championships in Windsor (Canada), for the first time he won another set of gold medals at the 100m and 200m breaststroke, breaking the championships record of the 200. No doubt that Marco Koch is already on his way to take a revenge and win another title at the July 2017 World Swimming Championships in Budapest. The Euro Meet has become a must for him !
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09.12.2016 - 14:00:25

French backstroke world Champion Camille Lacourt for the 1st time at Euro Meet

It looks like the 2017 Swimming World Championships, to be held in Budapest July next, motivate several swimmers to extend their career. Following Laszlo Cseh’s decision, French backstroke star Camille Lacourt announced live on TV end of November that he intends to qualify for the 50m backstroke in Budapest.
This city has a great meaning for Lacourt, for he won two European individual titles in 2010. Both golds were his very first major international medals, winning the 50m and the 100m backtroke, the latter in 52.11, a time which still is the European record.

Besides winning the 100m backstroke at the 2011 World Championships, he earned silver at the 50m backstroke, and thereafter won the 50m title twice in a row in 2013 in Barcelona and in 2015 in Kazan. His dream is to make a three-in-a-row in Budapest.

After a well deserved break following the Rio Olympic Games, Lacourt found again his way to the swimming pools, concentrating already on the 50m pool long course season, as he did not enter the French short course Nationals and the Windsor World short course Championships.
One of his first competitions will be at the Eure Meet 2017, along with several members of the best elite French swimming club, the Cercle des Nageurs de Marseille.
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01.12.2016 - 14:00:16

Lazslo Cseh to highlight the Euro Meet

Rio Olympic silver medallist Laszlo Cseh, from Hungary, confirmed his attendance to the 2017 Euro Meet to be held at the D’Coque swimming pool in Luxembourg City from 27th to 29th January. The event organisers are very proud of this entry, as Cseh is one of the major icons of world swimming, with a total tally of 72 international medals so far won at major events (Olympic Games, Word Championships long and short course, European Championships long and short course) in the time frame 2003 – 2016.
Laszlo Cseh earned his latest medal at the Rio Olympic Games, with a shared silver medal at the 100m butterfly. Everybody remembers this unexpected result, with the gold medal going to the Asian Champion Joseph Schooling, from Singapore, winning his very first olympic medal in 50.39 seconds. He finished clearly ahead of the trio of super champions Michael Phelps (USA), Laszlo Cseh and Chad Le Clos (South Africa)who tied for silver in 51.14 seconds. The « weight » of the silver medallsts : 166 international medals (Phelps 62 with 23 Olympic golds, Le Clos 34 and Cseh 72).
Asked if he would retire after the Games like Phelps, Cseh, who turns 31 on this 3rd of December, said that he wanted to swim in his hometown Budapest in the brand new swimming complex currently built for the 2017 World Swimming Championships. No doubt that the Euro Meet will once again be a solid start for the upcoming season, and that Cseh will perform July next in front of his home crowd.

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